8 Ways to Promote Circulation in Your Legs

Most of us have experienced our hands, feet, or other parts of our body “falling asleep”. This could be due to pressure on a nerve or brief periods of poor circulation, and could quite possibly be the only time we think about our circulation. Circulation is fundamental to the health of your entire body as your cardiovascular and circulatory systems help fight off disease, provide the right chemical balance for homeostasis, and help your body maintain a normal body temperature.

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Diabetic Foot Treatment

Diabetic foot treatment on a regular basis is very important. Among the many body parts requiring attention for proper diabetes management are the feet. The feet need regular assessment and care because diabetics are prone to having foot problems. By monitoring the functional status of the feet, the early signs of diabetic foot conditions can best be detected and addressed.

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Peripheral Artery Disease

Causes of peripheral artery disease can come from several different factors but, the single biggest controllable cause, based on current research is smoking. Other factors that raise the risk significantly are high blood sugar from diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The single best way to beat these factors is by changing your lifestyle. Exercise and walking are extremely important, and walking distance will improve with work. Obviously, smoking is non-negotiable. Also, eating from around the edge of the supermarket from the fresh foods and fish, and daily exercise, are the best ways to prevent PAD from forming before it becomes a problem.

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