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Foot Pain

Severe Foot Pain: Gouty Arthritis

Posted by American Foot and Leg in Foot Pain

A chronic condition by any other name Gout, gouty arthritis, podagral, or the disease of kings―no matter what you call it―is a painful systemic medical condition which most frequently affects men. By all accounts, the pain of gout which generally attacks the joint of the…

My Aching Feet!

Posted by American Foot and Leg in Foot Pain, Foot Problems

How often do you say to yourself “my feet are killing me”? Most people think that their shoes are to blame for foot discomfort and in many cases it’s true; however, there are other causes generally associated with lifestyle (exercise), skeletal health and obesity. Because…

Feet are Not Created Equal

Posted by American Foot and Leg in Foot Pain, Foot Problems, Shoes

When it comes to feet, Atlanta Foot and Leg Specialists, with four offices serving patients in Fulton County, Cobb County, Douglas County, Fayette County, Henry County, and Clayton County, recognizes that men and women are not created equal. In honor of Mother’s Day, your south Atlanta…