Healthy Feet, Happy Holidays

With shopping, visiting or hosting your family, and colder weather, the holiday season can be a fun, but exhausting time of the year. While we don’t want to add to your holiday stress levels, we do want to make sure that you take care of your feet during the season of food, office parties, and gifts. Besides, nothing would destroy your holiday cheer faster than new foot pain or an existing issue flaring up. Read all five tips for healthy feet during the holiday season.

At American Foot and Leg Specialists, we want you to be sure to take care of your feet this holiday season by following these five tips for healthy holiday feet as suggested by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons:


Wear the right shoes

Whether it’s the office holiday party or hitting the sales racks at the mall, be sure to wear shoes that will be comfortable.                                                                              Wearing high heels for long periods of time or wearing uncommon dress shoes can cause foot pain or blisters                                                                                              that will leave you far from cheery.

Watch what you eat

While none of us want to fail to meet our New Year’s resolutions before we even make them, you should definitely avoid enjoying too much holiday food that are high in purines like beer, red meat, red wine, or shellfish. If you have gout, these foods can trigger a painful attack, particularly during colder weather.

Wisely choose your pedicure place

Always be careful when you encounter any snow or ice. Ankle injuries that occur on ice can be very severe and keep you on the couch recovering rather than out enjoying the white winter wonderland by throwing snowballs or making snow angels.

Watch for winter weather

Pay attention to your feet and treat them well. If you are experiencing changes to your feet it’s probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with Dr. Praya Mam. He is an expert if treating individuals who may have peripheral artery disease and keep it from advancing it from getting serious.

Be willing

Even though the holiday season can be busy, don’t let all your “to do’s” and fun events keep you from visiting one of our American Foot and Leg Specialists locations around Atlanta, Georgia if you experience any foot pain, swelling, dry skin, or flare up of existing conditions like diabetic foot.

If you have a problem be sure to contact us and make an appointment. We want you to have healthy feet and happy holidays.

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