Aching Feet: Are My Shoes the Issue?

Do you have aching feet? The shoes you wear can impact not only your feet, but your entire body. Your shoes provide you with support, keeping your body aligned, and help you stay balanced while evenly distributing your weight. Choosing the right footwear is critical to your health and starts with your arch.

Three Types of Arches: Normal, Fallen, High

Normal Arch: The middle part of your arch is about filled, providing support to your body weight.

Fallen Arch: You have no arch in your foot, which is when tendons do not work together to pull properly. Your arches may contribute to muscle and joint stress.

High Arch: The arch is raised more than normal, meaning usually tilted towards the middle of your body. High arches may contribute to excessive strain on joints and muscles.

Types of Shoes to Wear:

Normal Arch: Stability shoes are best for those with normal arches and are typically built with a gentle arch from front to back that provides rear-foot stability and forefoot flexibility.

Fallen Arch: Your ideal pair will firmly cup the heel and offer sturdy arch support. The toe box should provide ample room, and the middle part of the shoe should be somewhat flexible.

High Arch: Look for characteristics like rigidity, padding around the ankle, a well-cushioned footbed, and space around the toes so you can move them freely.

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