SteriShoe: Helping Reduce Microbial Spread

What is SteriShoe?

SteriShoe is a product that uses germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC) to sanitize the inside of shoes. It safely and effectively kills 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi, and spores that cause athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and shoe odor. SteriShoe can guard against infection, especially for those who suffer from diabetic foot problems.

Why is Sanitizing Your Shoes Important?

Humans carry around billions of germs, which live on our clothes, skin, and in our hair. Germs transfer from our bodies to every surface we touch. When a virus lives in your lungs, such as COVID-19, each cough, sneeze, laugh, and breath, carries millions of particles to nearby surfaces.

Obstacles with Sanitizing Shoes

Not all shoes are washable, such as high heels and leather shoes. Additionally, shoe tread patterns can harbor viruses and bacteria, making it hard to properly clean the area. 

How Does UVC Light Kill Pathogens?

UVC light is a powerful germicide that destroys the molecular bonds of the DNA of viruses and bacteria, including “superbugs”. 

What Does SteriShoe Do?

A SteriShoe sanitizer is inserted into shoes. The sanitizer runs a 45-minute treatment cycle that destroys up to 99.9% of the harmful microbes that lead to odor and infection.

SteriShoe uses a combination of compression and light sensors: preventing people from being exposed to the light. The sanitizer must be inserted and compressed in a shoe in order to operate because the the light sensor must detect a dark environment. 

Each SteriShoe comes with a bag that can be used to create a safe dark environment for sandals and open toed shoes to be cleaned.

We’ve all become more aware of the germs we carry with us daily, due to COVID-19. The soles of our shoes can be disease vectors, and shoe sanitizing can help minimize that transmission. At American Foot & Leg Specialists, we take our patients health very seriously. We carry SteriShoe and other foot products at all of our four locations. To learn more about the products we provide, visit our product store.