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Big Toe Joint Pain and Swelling in the Morning Associated with Gout

The possibility of gout exists.

High uric acid levels in the bloodstream cause gout, a kind of arthritis that affects the joints. A rise in uric acid can result in crystals that can accumulate in the joints and cause inflammation. Gout symptoms include an acute onset of pain, heat, redness, and swelling, especially in the big toe on the foot. According to reports, inflammatory arthritis in males over 40 is most frequently brought on by gouty arthritis.

Gout can have numerous causes. Seafood, beans, sweetbreads, anchovies, red meat, shellfish, red wine, alcohol, and sardines should all be kept away from because they may promote a gout attack. Drugs used to treat high blood pressure, such as hydrochlorothiazide, may potentially cause it to occur. Gout attacks can also frequently result from trauma. 

Warm compresses, injectable therapy, and oral medication are a few treatment techniques. Taking vitamins and making necessary dietary modifications can both aid in symptom relief. 

We can get you back on your feet pain-free and educate you on how to lower your uric acid levels to prevent gout episodes if you are experiencing foot pain that fits the description of gout symptoms. Please schedule a visit with your American Foot and Leg Specialists podiatrist in Atlanta.