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Athletes’ Achilles Tendonitis Pain

The four conveniently located board-certified medical professionals at American Foot & Leg Specialists in south Atlanta have years of experience identifying foot discomfort. In their method, they consult with the patient about their illness, do tests, and offer therapy suggestions. Achilles tendonitis (AT) and plantar fasciitis are two disorders that are frequently confused. No matter where it occurs, foot discomfort can be excruciating.

This Tendon Keeps Us Mobile

A strip of tissue at the back of the ankle is the Achilles tendon. It enables the foot to push off, which enables both walking and sprinting. This crucial tendon joins the calf muscles to the heel’s back. Constant stress from athletes leads to tendon degeneration and pain. There are several reasons why the Achilles tendon hurts, and there are two types of Achilles tendonitis: chronic and acute. The doctor will likely request an MRI to confirm the diagnosis if AT is suspected.


Achilles tendonitis may be the cause of pain and stiffness towards the rear of the ankle. Usually, it’s worse in the morning and becomes better once you warm up. It will hurt to touch the back of your ankle, and you might feel a lump there. AT can be brought on by terrible running circumstances, uncomfortable running shoes, high heels, treadmill running uphill, and all of these things. To identify the issue’s cause and begin treatment as soon as possible, schedule an appointment with American Foot.

Poor Running Form

The primary cause of Achilles tendonitis and the related ailment Tenosynovitis is simply overuse. Soreness, however, might result from improper running technique, such as overpronating. The Achilles tendon twists when the leg rotates inward, as it does when one pronates. Poor running form can be identified by a gait analysis performed by one of our American Foot specialists.

Two Conditions Arise

To treat Achilles tendonitis, treatment and medicine are frequently combined. If you wish to get back on the right track, the doctor will work with you to encourage healing. The doctor will provide a course of treatment that is suited to your needs after diagnosing the issue and researching its potential causes:

  • Ice and rest (early stages)
  • Achilles tendon taping
  • Orthotics
  • Heel drop exercises.
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Sports massage
  • Calf-Stretching Exercises
  • Therapy to correct running form
  • Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Into Every Life Some Rain Must Fall

Dedicated athletes experience painful conditions from time to time. Your condition will not be cured overnight, but with the help of the doctors at American Foot, you will be on the road again.