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Are your feet hurting? Orthotics Might Be the Answer

If you’ve ever experienced foot issues, you are aware of how uncomfortable and painful they can be. Have you actually tried visiting a professional to determine whether orthotics are a possibility? Remember that we’re talking about real support for your sore feet that fits right into your own shoes before you dismiss the concept because the phrase makes you think of the traditional orthotic shoe worn by older generations.

How do over-the-counter arch supports compare to orthotics?

Our foot and leg specialists can better fit your feet with orthotics than with over-the-counter inserts because of their custom design. You might be able to get away with using some over-the-counter inserts, but you should consult an expert to make sure you’ve found the correct fit. In the event that you require custom orthotics, experts will scan your foot and leg and take exact measurements. Then, your custom-fit orthotics are made, taking into account your medical condition.

To alleviate foot and knee pain, create balance.

Orthotics are designed to provide stability and balance to an otherwise uneven body by wearing them. Because none of us are entirely symmetrical, any action performed without support can amplify any asymmetries in your feet and limbs by generating unneeded strain and pain. Foot orthoses are most commonly used to treat arch and heel discomfort, such as plantar fasciitis, lower leg tendonitis, and knee pain, such as a runner’s knee. Orthotics may balance and relieve tension on your arches, whether they are weak or very high, or very low. Orthotics can also help to reduce the impact on your knees and ankles..

Stop Ignoring Foot and Leg Pain

Many of us try to ignore foot and leg pain by focusing on larger, more evident concerns. Don’t ignore the discomfort. Don’t wait until it becomes excruciating, or you risk injuring yourself much more by ignoring the problem. Allow our specialists at American Foot and Leg to evaluate your needs and propose an appropriate treatment strategy.