What Can Patients Expect From MLS Laser Therapy?

MLS Laser therapy offered at American Foot and Leg Specialists located south of Atlanta is used to manage pain, reduce inflammation and to help speed recovery time. It works by using specific wavelengths of light to treat painful and debilitating conditions in the foot and ankle.

During your MLS treatment, the laser is pointed directly toward the area where the damaged cells exist. Light energy enters the damaged cells and stimulates the inter-cellular activity. This reduces pain in the area and speeds recovery of the damaged cells. Once the cells recover, the healing process is complete.
The MLS laser treatment is painless and only lasts about 8 minutes. You may experience a comfortable sensation as the laser is entering the point of pain but most patients say it is quite pleasant.

Many patients begin to experience relief after the first treatment but the average patient at American Foot and Leg Specialists need 7 to 10 treatment sessions. Because it generally requires multiple sessions to achieve pain relief, they offer a treatment plan consisting of a package of 10 treatments. It is available at a reduced rate which is quite affordable. They encourage their patients to take advantage of this package because it can really save them money and it’s typically the number of treatments needed to reach healing with no pain. Since the effects of MLS Laser Therapy are cumulative, you can expect to see improvement as you proceed through your treatment plan.

Unfortunately, some patients don’t experience complete pain relief but usually have a great reduction of pain – say from a 10 level of pain down to a 3 or 4. In those cases, your doctor may advise to get some additional treatments. No medical treatment has a 100% guarantee but the doctors at American Foot and Leg Specialists, who serve patients all over the Atlanta Metro area, find success in about 80% of those receiving the treatment. Practically all receive some benefits of pain reduction. The goal of the doctors at American foot and Leg Specialists is always to try and achieve zero pain for their patients without having to undergo surgery.

If you are experiencing pain in your foot or ankle and are seeking relief, call and schedule an evaluation with one of the doctors at American Foot and Leg Specialists with 4 convenient offices in Forest Park, Fayetteville, Locust Grove and Stockbridge, GA.