Shoes for Diabetic Feet

Pay attention to your feet and treat them well. If you are experiencing changes to your feet it’s probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with Dr. Praya Mam. He is an expert if treating individuals who may have peripheral artery disease and keep it from advancing it from getting serious.

Shoes for Diabetic Feet

Diabetes is a condition which can cause a myriad of issues for patients. Any diabetic in your life will tell you that diabetic feet can wreak havoc on their ability to live a normal life. Diabetic feet are mostly caused by neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the foot that causes a burning or tingling sensation. Patients can also suffer from changes in foot shape and foot ulcers.

For those who spend most of their day on their feet, this can be an absolute nightmare. Luckily, American Foot and Leg Specialists has those with diabetic feet in the South Atlanta Metro Area covered.


Diabetic Shoes for Diabetic Feet

When you think of special shoes for diabetic feet, what comes to mind? You probably thought of a hideous pair of shoes that sacrifice all sense of style for function. The brands of shoes carried at the American Foot and Leg Specialists in-office store in Atlanta have worked hard to dispel that stereotype.

If you have diabetic feet, then you should know that the A5500 medical code is given to all shoes that have been approved as having therapeutic value. You’ll find that most of the shoes at American Foot and Leg Specialists have this code, and more importantly, they actually look like a shoe designed by someone with style.

Are you a businessman or woman whose days are spent on your feet running around and servicing clients? You’ll love Dr. Comfort’s therapeutic dress shoes. You’ll even have some selection, as Orthofeet also offers a stylish leather dress shoe. No one is going to promise that these shoes will make work less stressful, but it can be promised that you won’t feel that stress on your feet at the end of the day.

Other brands include Diafoot, New Balance, Hush Puppies, and San Antonio Shoemakers. Between these brands you can find boat shoes, heels, flats, tennis shoes, and running shoes.

Why Should I Shop at American Foot and Leg Specialists?

American Foot and Leg Specialists has been in the feet business for over 35 years and have helped hundreds in the South Atlanta metro area live a normal life with diabetic feet. Why run the risk of buying therapeutic shoes on your own— when you can get brands endorsed by physicians enough for them to sell the shoes at their office? Make an appointment to get your diabetic feet examined so you can feel like you’re walking on marshmallows with a new pair of diabetic shoes.