Running Shoes: The Fit Factor

Running Shoes: The Fit Factor

Whether you are a casual or serious runner, it’s important to make sure your shoes fit properly. Conditions such as shin splints, blisters, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, corns and a host of other ailments can be avoided by taking the time to select shoes that fit your running style, body type, and running goals.

Most runners wear shoes that are too small. Properly fit, the shoe should allow the foot and toes to spread as the sole hits the ground—allow for a spread in width and length to get the best fit. Running shoes, when well fit, maximize balance, ensure proper knee alignment, and stabilize hips. The right style and size shoes are the keys to enjoying the health benefits of running for the long term.

Consider shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are at their biggest. Before you head out, grab a pair of socks and your old running shoes and go to the nearest store that stocks a large variety of athletic footwear. The personnel at specialty stores are trained to ask specific questions about your running regimen to help you find the right shoe. Examining the soles of your old shoes will provide the salesperson important information about your running patterns. Let him measure your foot and make suggestions. Be ready to spend some time trying on a number of styles, sizes, and kinds of shoes.

As you narrow the pack to a few possibilities, make sure you try on both shoes and lace them up. Leave some slack in the laces over the instep, and make sure there’s ample room for the foot to expand as you run. Look for a roomy toebox with plenty of room in length to spread your toes.

After the shoes are on and your toes are wiggling, walk on a firm surface that is not carpeted.  Then break into a run.  Make sure the shoes feel comfortable and stable.  Since you’re purchasing them to go running, that’s when fit and feel are really important.

Experts recommend that you put a date on your shoes when you buy them. Shoes older than 6 months with more than 500 miles on them are worn out for running. The risk of injury goes up when people run with worn out shoes.

Stay at the top of your running game with comfortable, well-fitting shoes. Your legs, feet, knees and hips will thank you for careful and sensible shopping. If you have questions regarding the fit of your shoes or running shoes, schedule an appointment with Dr. Colon or one of his associates.

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