Practice Balance to Prevent Falls: 3 Simple Exercises

Poor balance puts you more at risk of falling. This is especially true for older adults and people who’re recovering from an injury. Here are three simple exercises that promise to improve your balance.

One-Leg Stand

Whether you’re watching TV at home or relaxing during your lunch break, a one-leg stand is an effective exercise that you can do virtually anywhere. If you feel a bit unstable at first, standing behind a chair will give you an extra sense of security. To perform the exercise, slowly lift your leg off the ground. The goal is to maintain your balance on one leg for at least five seconds. As you start to get stronger, try to increase the time. Aim to complete five reps per leg.


Wall Push-Ups

Wall push-ups do a great job of enhancing your strength and coordination. They’re also a lot safer than traditional push-ups. You don’t have to worry about putting unnecessary strain on your joints. To begin this exercise, simply stand an arm’s length away from a wall. You should then lean forward with your palms facing out. Once you bring your body down towards the wall, slowly push yourself back up. Be sure to keep your feet firmly planted against the ground. Performing around 15 wall push-ups a day can greatly improve balance.

Chair Squats

If you want to take your balance to the next level, consider doing chair squats. Over time, you’ll gradually strengthen your hips and knees. To begin a chair squat, stand directly in front of a seat. While keeping your legs a hip-width apart and your arms extended out, slowly descend until your butt touches the chair. You should then return to the starting position. Although some beginners may only be able to perform a few reps, make it a goal to do around 15 squats a few times per week. Everyday tasks, such as getting up from a couch and hopping out of a car, will become a lot easier.

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