Persistent Pain: It May Be Time for a Bunionectomy

A bunion is typically considered to be a minor physical ailment. Nevertheless, some bunions can make it hard for you to perform normal everyday activities. In severe cases, surgery will be the only effective solution. Here are some signs that you may need a bunionectomy.

Non-Surgical Remedies Don’t Bring Relief

In an effort to ease the pain and inflammation caused by a bunion, most people will try a few different foot products. Custom-made orthotics can greatly ease your suffering. You may also need to switch to a new pair of shoes.


Resting Fails to Help

Like most injuries, a bunion needs a certain amount of time to heal. The daily grind can definitely aggravate a bunion. American Foot and Leg Specialists may recommend staying off your feet for a while. You will need to avoid weight-bearing activities, including intense exercising. After resting for a week or two, you should notice an improvement. If resting doesn’t bring relief, the next step is to discuss with your doctor about getting a bunionectomy.


Difficult to Walk

When dealing with a nightmarish bunion, even walking can be a painful event. The daily agony will eventually take its toll. As soon as you step out of the bed, the pain will immediately start to shoot through your foot. Limping is a tell-tale sign that your bunion is serious.

Must Rely Upon Pain Medications

If you must use medications just to make it through the day, this means your bunion is a big problem. Remember, heavy use of certain pain medications can actually cause more problems in the long run.

Noticeably Affects Your Performance on the Field

An athlete’s performance can definitely be hindered by a bunion. It is just as serious as any other foot injury. Whether they are hustling down the court or sprinting across the field, the diminished mobility will eventually become obvious.

What Should I Know About a Bunionectomy?

A bunionectomy is a surgical procedure that should dramatically reduce your bunion pain. It remains the best approach for the clients who have not improved using other treatments. On average, the recovery time for a bunionectomy is about six weeks.

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