Alarming Number of NFL Injuries In Training Camp Piling Up Before 2013 Season

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Dr. Loren Colon

By Loren Colon DPM, FACFAS

The NFL has had a large number of players who have experienced injuries before the beginning of the NFL season. Despite full conditioning and regular workouts during the offseason, players can still experience season ending injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament tears. This serious injury has cost three key players from the Philadelphia Eagles a chance to see any playing time this season. These injuries have sparked a conversation about how the league can better protect professional football players in the near future.

The game of football has been and remains so violent that the injuries to the body and the head have repercussions as players age. Recently, retired players have begun raising awareness of their low quality of life in their older years. Many players have gone to the extent of even filing lawsuits against the NFL since their injuries left them in a great deal of pain and addled mentally. Recently, the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell has been doing more to protect the players like reducing the number of helmet to helmet hits and exploring better shock absorption helmets to reduce the number of concussions.

Some football injuries that we often see in podiatry with our patients include lisfranc ligament injuries, turf toe, and calcaneal apophysitis. These injuries are not season ending injuries but have caused many football players to take several weeks off from football in order to get better.
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