A patient of Dr. Gadsden at American Foot and Leg Specialists describes her experience with multiple foot surgeries after being diagnosed with debilitating neuromas in her feet.

“A neuroma is an abnormal or benign growth that’s usually detected with an MRI. The cause is unknown, as I’ve been told, because I’ve been trying to seek out, “why, me, all these surgeries, all these issues?” I was told it’s unknown. But, it feels like a sharp marble, a sharp-sided marble, on the bottom of your foot. Doesn’t feel too comfortable walking. Just got detected with my seventh one. It will be Dr. Gadsden’s third surgery, to work on me, this coming Thursday. He is the most professional and personable doctor I’ve had in my life for any issue. And, his staff is very, very nice also. No such thing as a white coat syndrome. You know, blood pressure doesn’t go up when they take your BP. Everything’s cool, calm, collected. I actually look forward to the appointments there. The surgery center’s in Forest Park, and it’s non-threatening. Everybody’s very happy, very comfortable to be around. I’ve recommended four people to American Foot and Leg. Dr. Gadsden in particular. Whether or not I’ll have more issues is to be seen, but, high hopes, no problems, whatsover. I’ll be back to normal in no time.”

American Foot and Leg has several locations in the Atlanta, GA area, including Fayetteville, Forest Park, Locust Grove, and Stockbridge. Their fully equipped surgery center is located in Forest Park.