Heel Spurs

Heel Spurs

If you are experiencing heel pain, you may be suffering from some type of heel spur. Heel spurs are a common problem that stem from the way that the bone in the heel is growing over the wrong part of the foot. This will then cause the tissue around the spur to become irritated and that can cause a lot of pain. Some people find that they have a lot more pain the morning compared to other times during the day. This is not uncommon, and there are things that people can do to make this go more smoothly.

There is a new  non-surgical method that will allow people to start dealing with the pain that they are feeling without having to have surgery. This can help those who are dealing with heel pain as well as many other types of sports injuries. The platelets taken from your own blood that are administered can really help to improve the stability of the area and help it to start healing.

There are also some growth factors within this therapy that will help to improve the healing of the heel and start dealing with this pain in a simple way. Many patients who have tried this course of treatment have found that they have regained a lot of the activities that they were once able to do and started to alleviate their pain.

Some who were feeling a lot of pain throughout the day and were having trouble even walking may be soon able to see that they are able to start exercising freely. These are simple injections, and patients will be able to start seeing their results pretty quickly. They will use an ultrasound machine to ensure that the needle ends up getting to the injured area and starts helping people to deal with their pain quickly.

Many who don’t have their pain completely alleviated have still found that they are feeling pain at far lower levels than they had before. In addition to helping with heel pain, those who have other types of foot pain will be able to start healing the pain that is located here as well