Whether you are standing in line to see a new movie premier or strolling around downtown Atlanta, your feet are always hard at work. If you happen to have flat feet, simple everyday activities can become quite uncomfortable. Here are some of the most common problems that can be contributed to having flat feet.

Foot Pain

People who have flat feet tend to suffer from fallen arches. This means that their feet must withstand an extra amount of pressure. Pain is typically one of the primary side effects. Not only will your feet fatigue quicker, but your lower leg may also begin to ache. Active people are especially prone to experiencing discomfort. This is the key reason why the U.S. military disqualifies people with severely flat feet from joining the service.

Knee Problems

Flat feet can definitely cause you to have chronically bad knees. Because flat arches do a poor job of absorbing impacts, your knees are forced to work harder. When left untreated, this issue will only become worse over time. Aside from the soreness, you may also gradually develop arthritis due to diminished knee cartilage.

Poor Biomechanics

medical illustration showing a normal foot, flat foot. and a hollow footThis condition can have a detrimental impact on your biomechanics. You may not even walk the same. Because your body will not be in the proper alignment, you are far more likely to get injured. Shin splits, sprained ankles, and stress fractures can all be linked to having fallen arches. If your shoes have irregular wear patterns, there is a good chance that your flat feet are to blame. American Foot and Leg Specialists recommends that you take action as soon as possible.

Lower Back Discomfort

Millions of people in this country are dealing with chronic back pain. You can rest assured that a good percentage of these individuals have flat feet. Unlike the normal human foot, a foot with a low arch isn’t able to provide the necessary amount of support and stability. The muscles in your back are thus subjected to more stress.

Inability to Wear Certain Types of Shoes

People suffering from flat feet should pay close attention to their choice of shoes. Picking the wrong type of footwear will ultimately cause problems. Although some people may like flip-flops and sandals, they are not the best selection for someone who has flat feet. The same is true for high heels.

While flat feet should be taken seriously, it is a problem that can be successfully treated by a trained professional. With four convenient locations to choose from, American Foot and Leg Specialists proudly serves the entire South Atlanta Metro area. From flat feet to hammer toes, our facility can treat a wide variety of different issues. Feel free to contact American Foot and Leg Specialists to schedule an appointment.

*This article does not take the place of professional medical advice. If you have any questions, please call our staff or an M.D. in your area.

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