Feet Hurt? Orthotics May be the Solution

If you’ve ever had foot problems, you know how painful and inconvenient they can be. Have you actually tried going to a specialist to see if orthotics is an option? Before you dismiss the idea because the term brings mental pictures of the classic orthotic shoe worn by your great grandmother, remember we’re talking about genuine support for your aching feet that fits right into your own shoes.

Orthotics vs Over the Counter Arch Supports?

Orthotics are custom foot supports that our foot and leg specialists can design to fit your feet more effectively than over-the-counter inserts. Some over-the-counter inserts may work just fine for you, but see your specialist to make sure you’ve found the right fit. If you should need custom orthotics, specialists will scan your foot and leg, taking precise measurements. Then, after factoring in your medical condition, your custom-fit orthotics are created. 

Create Balance to Ease Foot and Knee Pain

Orthotics are created so that by wearing them, you’re providing stability and balance to an otherwise asymmetrical body. None of us are perfectly symmetrical; therefore, any activity without any support can magnify any imbalances in your feet and limbs by causing unnecessary strain and pain. The most common reasons people use foot orthoses are for arch and heel pain, such as plantar fasciitis, lower leg tendonitis, and knee pain, such as runner’s knee. Whether you have weak arches, or they are very high or quite low, orthotics can balance them and ease any strain. Orthotics can also ease the impact felt on your knees and ankles.

Stop Neglecting the Foot and Leg Pain

Many of us try ignoring foot and leg pain, focusing on bigger, more visible problems at hand. Don’t push the pain aside. Don’t wait until it becomes unbearable, or worse, you injure yourself even more by not addressing the issue. Have our doctors at American Foot and Leg assess your needs and recommend an effective treatment plan.