Even Victoria Beckham Suffers from Bunions!

As recently noted in the Daily Mail, Victoria Beckham has been suffering in agony for years from cramming her feet into six-inch stilettos. She experience sharp, shooting pain but is still being seen in public wearing high heels. In fact she insists that she will not resort to wearing flats – no matter what! She has been advised that surgery is really her only option – a bunionectomy.

What Causes Bunions?

For those of you that have bunions you know exactly what they look like and how uncomfortable and painful they can be. Also, when you wear open sandals, it can truly be unsightly!

Bunions occur in about 30% of the population. They are most often seen in women and become more prevalent with age. It is thought that the main cause of bunions is from wearing tight fitting shoes or fashionable pointed toe shoes. Add the high heels and you are increasing the odds of damaging your feet. The slope from the high heel causes the front of the foot to be forcefully pushed into the narrow toe box, causing the toes to become squeezed together. If you have to stand for extended amounts of time in constrained footwear and are wearing tight, pointed, high heel shoes you can end up with the deformity known as a bunion.

Also, footwear may not even be the only cause of bunions. Genetics do play a significant role. If your mom or grandmother had bunions, you have a greater chance of developing them especially if you have a collection of high fashion, high heeled pumps.

Now that you know this information about how you can develop bunions, are you going to change your choice of shoes? Like Vicotria Beckham, probably not! In that case, know that American Foot & Leg Specialists are ready to help alleviate your pain. They also have many treatment options to try before resorting to surgery.

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