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Early Diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy Best

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Do You Have a Tingling Sensation in Your Feet? It may be an early sign that you are developing peripheral neuropathy. Getting diagnosised early and starting treatment can be beneficial long term.

It’s estimated that 20 million Americans have some form of the condition known as peripheral neuropathy. Your peripheral nerves are made up of 43 pairs of motor and sensory nerves that are situated outside of your brain and spinal cord areas. They connect messages from your limbs and organs to your central nervous system.

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that results from damage to the peripheral nerves, which usually occurs in the hands and feet. Your sensory nerves allow your body to feel certain sensations, like temperature and pain, via your skin. Motor nerves manage the movement of your muscles. When you feet are affected by peripheral nerve damage, you may feel a tingling, burning, or lack of feeling in your toes.

Peripheral neuropathy is associated with various underlying medical conditions, one of which is diabetes. If you have diabetes, you may be aware of the importance of arranging regular foot exams with your Atlanta area foot specialist. Early diagnosis and hopefully prevention of peripheral neuropathy is often accomplished during an annual foot exam. Since diabetes can mask feeling in your feet, including sores and injuries, your physician at American Foot and Leg Specialists can educate you about complications that may result from associated nerve damage due to diabetes.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy

The signs associated with peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Tingling or numbness in your hands or feet
  • Pain that becomes sharp, burning, or throbbing
  • Decrease in coordination to the point of falling
  • If motor nerves are affected, muscles feel very weak

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, such as a tingling or prickly feeling in your foot or toes, please arrange a visit with your foot specialist in the Atlanta area.



If your physician suspects you have peripheral neuropathy, he or she may conduct some tests to determine how well your nerves are functioning. If nerve damage is diagnosed, there are treatments available to help alleviate pain and increase blood circulation to your feet and legs. Prescription medications, supplements, physical therapy, and/or laser treatments can be prescribed to help, especially when the condition is diagnosed early.

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