A patient describes his journey of healing after developing a diabetic foot wound from working that needed surgery.

“I was working with Columbia Residential, which is an apartment investment company. I did a lot of walking, bending, lifting, and I kept getting pains in my foot. And because I’m a diabetic, it didn’t come right away. But, after about a couple of weeks I seen it. Being that I was doing all that walking, and the lacerations came and built ulcers and they just got infected and it went from there. I went to the doctor, they referred me here. I came and seen Dr. Gadsen. And, he removed a bone from my left foot, and we’re going to do my right foot the same way, but we want to add in the big toe and shave it down, so I won’t have any more complications with my feet, hopefully. But, I know he’s a great doctor so it should be A-OK once I get it right. Every time I come, everybody’s smiling, waving, “Hey, Mr. Murphy, how you doing, how you doing?” I feel like a celebrity every time I come. You know, they keep me blushing, you see my dimples, I’m smiling now. So, American Foot and Leg Specialists, great customer service, great, great.”