Corns and Calluses: Ending the Pain

Some people tend to underestimate the amount of discomfort that can be caused by corns and callouses. When left untreated, these common foot ailments can dramatically impact your mobility. Here are some important facts that you should know.

What causes corns and calluses?

Corns and calluses are a result of repeated pressure against certain parts of your foot. For example, an ill-fitting pair of shoes may rub against one of your toes. It is only a matter of time before a corn begins to form. You will quickly notice the hard, waxy condition of the skin. In contrast to corns, calluses tend to form on the sole of your foot. When dealing with a callus, it will feel as if you are walking on stones.

Because of the abnormal anatomy of their foot, some individuals are naturally more prone to getting corns and calluses. They may need to wear special insoles in order to prevent long-term trouble. It is also not uncommon for a lot of athletes to suffer from corns and calluses. The constant pounding against the ground can create an enormous amount of friction. By examining your feet, American Foot and Leg Specialists can determine the direct cause of your issues.


What problems do corns and calluses cause?

Pain is by far the most significant problem caused by corns and calluses. Discomfort walking is definitely a key indication that you need to be seen by a physician. Even if the corn is not painful, it can still lead to unsightly deformities. This could be a big concern for the folks who love wearing sandals and open-toe shoes.


Are treatments available?

Improper footwear is a major cause of corns and callouses. Often times, switching to a new pair of shoes will completely eliminate the problem. There are a number of over-the-counter creams available for corns and calluses. Nevertheless, some of the ingredients can cause potential problems for certain people. Diabetics must avoid using salicylic acid formulas at all costs. This ingredient has a tendency to cause ulcers to form on their skin. Medical professionals also highly advise against cutting off a callus with a knife or razor blade. This questionable home remedy could lead to a serious infection that requires emergency care. Regularly soaking your foot in warm water is a far safer treatment.

If you are suffering from problematic corns and calluses, American Foot and Leg Specialists will be more than happy to assist. We have four convenient locations in Georgia: Fayetteville, Forest Park, Locust Grove, and Stockbridge. From sports injuries to diabetic foot care, our facilities treat a variety of different conditions. Feel free to call for an appointment. We are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday thru Friday.

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