What Causes Callused Feet?

If you’re on your feet for most of the day, callused feet can be quite bothersome and sometimes painful. Granting, the condition can be caused by a variety of issues with treatment often done at home or by a foot specialist.

A callus is identified by how it looks. According to WebMD, a callus is dry, hard and thick. In addition, it is typically yellowish or greyish in color. A callus is a buildup of skin and will often feel bumpy. Usually they can be found on the balls of the feet and the heel. However with severe cases, calluses can bleed through the cracks of the skin plus cause distressing pain.

Possible Causes

Dry skin may be caused by numerous factors. When your skin dries it loses natural oils and moisture which results in conditions such as calluses. A lack of moisture can be due to cold and dry weather or walking barefoot for long periods of time. As well, loss of natural oils can occur from the use of soapy water and potent cleaning agents.

However, according to the Mayo Clinic, the most common causes of calluses are due to ill-fitting shoes and wearing shoes or sandals without socks. These actions can cause friction and pressure from repetitive action, which can trigger the growth, and development of callouses. Other causes include bone spurs, obesity, irregularities in your gait (walking motion), arched feet, flat feet and hammertoes (toe is bent at the middle joint).



Today there are a variety of home treatments and medical therapies for calluses, which include:

  • Callus pads to relieve pressure
  • Silicone insoles for extra cushion
  • Possible surgery for bone spur or hammertoe
  • A pumice stone or callus file to lessen dry skin (may cause flaky appearance)

Prevention and Treatment

Sometimes people try to relieve the pain by using a knife or razor to trim the callus. However, this procedure can be very dangerous and oftentimes makes the condition worse. Some of the best preventative measures are to wear proper shoes, avoid irritants like harsh cleaning agents, always wear socks and to seek medical advice if you have painful or severe calluses.

When to See a Specialist

You should always consult a specialist if your feet are extremely dry, painful or if they are bleeding. A qualified foot specialist may be able to offer relief, reduce your symptoms and have several preventative measures to help with your condition. As well, many specialists agree that you should never try to cut away your dry skin because it can cause severe damage. In fact, there are simple treatments like debridement that can remove the dry skin.

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Note: This article is not meant to replace any type of professional medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns about calluses or other foot conditions make an appointment at American Foot and Leg Specialists or with a qualified M.D.

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