Bunions Among Young People are More Common Than You Think

The number of reported bunion cases among young adults is rising. While the condition is very common among adults over the age of 65, many people start to form bunions in childhood. This can lead to serious problems, even in one’s teenage years. Doctors say that, in addition to genetics, engaging in high-impact sports and wearing ill-fitting shoes is contributing to the development of painful bunions among young adults.

A bunion is formed when the big-toe joint, or the metatarsophalangeal, becomes misaligned. This leads to an enlargement of the bone or tissue around it. The enlargement of the bone and surrounding tissue begin forming a visible bump. Signs that you may have bunions include an obvious bump on the outside base of your big toe, swelling, redness, or soreness around the big toe join, corns, calluses, pain, and even restricted movement of your big toe.

If you think you or your child may have bunions, its best to contact us at American Foot and Leg so that we can properly assess your condition. For more information, visit our page on treating bunions.