If you have dry feet, it’s usually because you’re using the incorrect cream or lotion. Most of the lotions and creams that they sell over the counter don’t have the components needed to moisture the feet. The feet is similar to the hands. The hands are very soft, and then you have the rough area. It doesn’t matter how much lotion you use in your body, which you put it in your hands first, the hands will never be soft. That’s the same concept with the feet, so you need to use a cream that has the components that will penetrate all the layers in order to work. A lot of them are based on salicylic acid or urea. Here in the office we sell a couple of different products that will help with dry skin. One of them is Calycilic Creme, another one is Gormel Creme, as well as Cavilon Cream. Make sure that when you’re applying cream or lotions to your feet, you never put it between your toes or on top of your toes. Using these creams every day will help keep your skin soft and moist. You don’t have to use a lot, or a big amount of the cream, just a small amount every single day will make a difference.