Attention Runners: Don’t Ignore Black/Bruised Toenails

In order for runners to maintain peak performance, they must take good care of their feet. If you happen to suffer from black/bruised toenails, don’t wait to seek the proper treatment. After a while, the pain and discomfort may become impossible to ignore. For some people, the unsightly appearance of their toe will be even more disappointing. Let’s examine the most common causes of this problem.

Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Failing to wear properly fitted running shoes makes you far more likely to experience bruised toenails. A lack of room in the toe box will cause your shoes to push down on your nails. Discoloration is often the end-result. Oversized running shoes are just as problematic. As you step, your foot will immediately begin to slide forward.


Fungal Infections

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s extremely easy to get a fungal infection. In fact, you can develop a fungal infection from simply walking barefooted on a locker room floor. However, wearing sweat-soaked socks can also lead to a fungal infection. The good news is that mild cases can be effectively treated with topical medications.

Skin Cancer

For good reason, American Foot and Leg Specialists encourage you to use sunscreen when outdoors. The sun’s damaging UV rays can wreak havoc on your skin. Believe it or not, melanoma skin cancer can actually develop underneath your toenails. Because the growth tends to be painless, many people fail to notice it for long periods of time. To be on the safe side, it’s always a good idea to get seen by an experienced physician.


You can easily injure your toenails. From getting your toe stepped on to banging it against an object while jogging on a trail, there are plenty of different ways to get hurt. Because your big toe sticks out the furthest, it’s even more likely to get bruised. The broken blood vessels underneath will cause your entire nail to appear black.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Your blacken toenails may not even be related to your running. It could be the result of an underlying medical condition. Diabetes, kidney disease, anemia, and heart disease can all cause black toenails.

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