Sex in the City Star Sarah Jessica Parker has developed an unusual foot deformity

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Sarah Jessica Parker literally ran in heels like these.

Sarah Jessica Parker has entertained fans for years and has always been decked out in the latest fashion from head to toe, especially when it comes to adorning her beautifully coiffed toes with super high heels. When she was starring in her Sex in the City movies it was rumored that she had her shoes custom made for her and each pair ran around $600 each. She reported that she literally ran in them and often wore them for 18 hours a day.

There’s something about feet not liking to be crammed into spaces they were not meant to be crammed into. Sarah Jessica’s doctor explained that her feet incredibly developed a bone that didn’t belong where it was positioned on her foot.

Ms. Parker blames her new deformity on not wearing expensive enough shoes and she vows to never wear cheap or rubber soled shoes again. She blames the cheap, rubber sole variety for causing her to slip and sprain her ankle recently during a movie shoot.

It sounds like she is experiencing horrible pain and as many podiatrists will tell you; her foot condition will probably continue and even get worse.

She vows to only wear expensive shoes and is going to save the super high heels for red carpet events only.