And the Oscar Goes to...Toenail Fungus

By Loren Colon, DPM, FACFAS

Nail fungus is a chronic condition that may be embarrassing, but it’s a lot more common than you may think. Celebrities are certainly not immune to how embarrassing toenail fungus can present. Many people including celebrities won’t wear sandals due to this condition. Madonna and Paula Abdul are example of two celebrities that have been chided by the media for fungal nails.

The simple fact is that you do not have to live with toenail fungus. So how do stars say goodbye to nail fungus? With the help of lasers, the most effective path to red carpet-ready nails.

This new option is laser nail treatment and it is pain-free. Our laser nail treatment is cutting edge technology which is designed to kill fungi with laser light. The light is able to penetrate the infected nail without damaging either the nail itself or the surrounding healthy skin. After years of likely bouncing from one topical treatment to the next, only to have the infection return, sufferers can finally rest easy knowing there’s an option for fighting nail fungus that works.

After complete resolution of the fungus in your nails, we have a device called a steri-shoe that can be placed in your shoes to prevent re-infection of your nails. It has ultraviolet light rays that works to kill the fungus in your shoes and you not have to worry about re-infecting the nails again.

If you want to be on your way to fungal free nails for the summer, please contact your local Atlanta area podiatrist at American Foot and Leg Specialist.