4 Reasons Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Is the Best Option

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a hidden problem, but one that affects thousands of Americans. The condition causes flaking, thickening and discoloration of nails that can cause social embarrassment and low self-esteem. Nail fungus can affect people of any age, from children to seniors. A number of treatments are available to eliminate the problem. Laser toenail fungus has been found to be highly successful for eliminating this unsightly problem. 

What Is Laser Treatment?

Laser machines use high-energy bursts of light directed at specific parts of the body to treat skin, nail and other conditions. The powerful light can destroy the fungus organisms that spread throughout the nail, causing the unsightly symptoms. Although laser is very powerful, it is completely safe to use when operated by properly trained physicians.

No Unpleasant Minor Side Effects

Oral medications for nail fungus can cause a number of minor side effects that can be annoying and unpleasant. Diarrhea, skin rashes, headache and changes in the sense of taste can occur with these medications.

No Daily Treatments

Topical nail creams, ointments and lacquers need to be applied daily, which can add another burdensome task to people with busy work and family schedules. Many people forget their daily application of medication, which can extend the treatment period. It can take up to a year to eliminate the fungus using this method, and some people may continue to have problems with fungus.

No Serious Medical Reactions

Oral medications are also available to treat nail fungus. Although these have a higher rate of effectiveness than topical creams, these drugs can cause damage to the liver in a small percentage of cases. Periodic liver tests may be necessary to ensure that no damage is occurring. These additional tests can make oral anti-fungus medications more inconvenient for some people.

Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment is Safe and Effective

Laser toenail fungus treatment is safe to use, painless and highly effective against toenail fungus problems. There are no lengthy treatments or messy creams. The high-energy light vaporizes the fungus while leaving surrounding skin undamaged.

If you have had limited success with other methods of nail treatment, laser treatment may be right for your needs. Treatment is fast, painless and can restore your nails to a healthy, normal appearance. Contact American Foot & Leg Specialists for a consultation to discuss your nail fungus problem.