2014 Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon Tips

Once again, it’s that time of year when the 2014 Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon is just around the corner. And at American Foot and Leg Specialists, we’re excited about the annual Atlanta event. As foot and lower leg specialists, we’re always happy to see so many people enjoy the event and accomplish their running goals.

However, with the race less than three weeks away, we wanted to offer two running tips for anyone who is finishing their final preparations for their race:

Start getting extra rest now: Too many people focus on making sure their last few training sessions are hard enough to prepare them physically for their race. While we admire that type of commitment to training, we also believe that runners should be equally as concerned with making sure they are rested for the race. With the 2014 Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon less than three weeks away, we suggest that you start getting extra rest now. You will probably be so excited and nervous the days immediately before the race that you may not sleep as well as you would like. But, if you begin getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep starting today, you should be just fine on race day.


Don’t Skip Recovery: Proper rest before a big race doesn’t just mean sleep, but also taking the time to treat any aches and pains as well. In all likelihood, you have been spending weeks or months in preparation for the marathon or half marathon through downtown Atlanta. Don’t ignore any small ache or pain now, particularly with your feet. If something hurts and even aches just a bit, be sure to ice it. Use a towel or rag between your skin and the ice pack and ice the sore area for only 10-15 minutes a session with at least an hour between sessions. If something hurts for several days in a row, be sure to see your regular physician or contact one of our Atlanta area American Foot and Leg Specialists locations.

Again we’re excited for the 2014 edition of the Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon. From all of our staff and Atlanta podiatrists at American Foot and Leg Specialists, we wish every runner the best of luck and healthy final days of training.