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Steri Shoe

What is Steri Shoe?

Steri Shoe is a patented shoe sanitizer that uses germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC) to sanitize the inside of shoes. Steri Shoe safely and effectively kills 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi, and spores in shoes that cause athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and shoe odor. For people with diabetic foot problems, Steri Shoe can guard against infection.

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Provide a Healthier In-Shoe Environment

Because human feet sweat up to eight ounces a day, shoes can be breeding grounds for fungus, bacteria, and spores. Sometimes those microbes can produce a foul odor, and other times, those microbes can cause infections like toenail fungus or athletes foot. And for people who have diabetes, foot infections can sometimes lead to amputation.

Steri Shoe keeps feet clean and healthy by getting by killing the bacteria, fungus, and spores that cause odor or infection in shoes. Steri Shoe can be used as part of a complete treatment program or as a preventive measure to keep shoes clean and maintain healthy feet.

How Does Steri Shoe Sanitize Shoes and Prevent Infection?

A Steri Shoe sanitizer is inserted into shoes just like normal shoe trees. After pressing a button, the Steri Shoe emits a germicidal UVC light that is clinically proven to kill bacteria, fungus, and spores. The sanitizer runs a 45 minute treatment cycle that destroys up to 99.9% of the harmful microbes that lead to odor and infection.

In order to prevent people from being exposed to UVC light, the Steri Shoe uses a combination of compression and light sensors. The sanitizer must be inserted and compressed in a shoe in order to operate. Also, the light sensor must detect that the Steri Shoe is in a dark environment before beginning the 45 minute cycle. The UVC light will not begin working unless the Steri Shoe is compressed and in a dark environment.

Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer | Atlanta Podiatrists

Sanitize all of your shoes.

Each Steri Shoe comes with a bag that can be used to create a safe dark environment for sandals and open toed shoes to be cleaned.