Why Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Is Becoming a Common Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain Relief

Tremendous breakthroughs are being made in treatments for foot and ankle pain relief. The doctors and staff here at American Foot and Leg Specialists are proud to be able to bring many cutting-edge treatments to our clients from Fulton County, Cobb County, Douglas County, Fayette County, Henry County, Clayton County and the entire South Atlanta Metro area. One of the innovative treatments that we’re especially proud to offer at our offices is PRP Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy. You may be wondering if this type of treatment could be effective for addressing the foot and ankle pain you’re experiencing. Take a moment to learn about what this treatment is all about and the potential benefits that it can offer.

What Are PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

PRP is actually made from a patient’s own concentrated platelets. You may already know that platelets are the small cells within the blood that prevent clots when we bleed. What you may not know is that PRP is rich in growth factors for human cells. This means that PRP plays a big role in stimulating healing. PRP that is injected into the body can help to alleviate many painful symptoms. In addition, it can actually promote healing in a natural way.

How Do Injections Work?

A small amount of a patient’s blood is drawn when they show up for a PRP treatment. That blood is then spun at a high speed and the platelets within the blood are concentrated. This concentration of platelets is then injected in the area of the foot or ankle injury that is being treated. The number of injections required will depend on the nature and severity of the injury being treated. Patients can often expect both pain relief and healing benefits following a treatment. The fact that the PRP used in this type of treatment is obtained from a patient’s own blood greatly reduces the risk of reaction or infection.

What Happens After a PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?

PRP treatments don’t require a long recovery time. However, the actual instructions that you receive for your recovery period will depend on your specific injury. Some patients do experience mild pain or irritation near the area of the injection in the days following a treatment. You may be asked to limit activity or keep weight off of your foot and ankle following your treatment. It is also possible that you’ll be required to wear a cast or brace for a few days following your treatment.

Are You Wondering If PRP Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Could Work for You?

The staff here at American Foot and Leg Specialists would be happy to meet with you at any of our four locations in Fayetteville, Forest Park, Locust Grove or Stockbridge to tell you more about PRP Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and help you discover if this is a good option for you. This is an option that may work for athletes suffering from sports-related injuries or non-athletes seeking relief from arthritis or general foot and ankle pain.

This article is not designed or intended to serve as medical advice or provide a diagnosis of any kind. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if you are suffering with an injury, illness or medical problem. All information contained within this article should be used for general informational purposes only. You can call to book an appointment at one of the four Georgia offices of American Foot and Leg Specialists to learn more about any treatment we offer.

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