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Polish That is Good For Your Nails

20 May 2014 Posted by American Foot and Leg in Foot Problems, Toenail Fungus

Polish That is Good for Your Toenails Toenail fungus is ugly and unpleasant. Many medical experts warn that to prevent or treat it, you should avoid the use of nail polish entirely. For many women, however, pedicures and polished toenails are important for feeling pretty…

Tips for Post Marathon Training

01 Apr 2014 Posted by American Foot and Leg in Foot Pain, Sports Injuries

With another successful Georgia Publix Marathon and Half Marathon come and gone, a number of race day participants probably took some time off after the race to rest or do some easy running. Now, some two weeks after the race was held, most people will…

5 Causes of Heel Pain

03 Feb 2014 Posted by American Foot and Leg in Foot Pain

You get out of bed and take a step, and (Ouch!) there’s that heel pain again. What could be causing it? From your Atlanta podiatry experts at American Foot and Leg Specialists, here are some common conditions that cause heel pain, and that make your…

Athlete’s Foot

20 Jan 2014 Posted by American Foot and Leg in Sports Injuries

By Marieli A. Colon, DPM Are your feet dry and scaly? Do your feet itch constantly? Do you have small blisters on the bottom of your feet? Are your nails dark, thick and brittle? Are your feet always sweaty and have a strong smell? Well,…