A patient of Dr. Colon describes her experience with disabling pain in her heels and how an MRI finally led to a diagnosis of a tear in her achilles tendon:

I had pain in both of my heels for a long period of time. I decided after the pain had gotten so excruciating to do something about it. So I came to American Foot and Leg Specialists last year of October. I saw Dr. Colon and after trying different treatments with the leg splint and the boot, we decided to have an MRI done. The MRI showed that it was actually not my heels that was causing the pain, it was actually, I had a tear in my Achilles tendon. We decided that surgery was necessary, and the surgery also included the PRP injections, which is Platelet Rich Plasma. That was injected into my right ankle, and they used my own blood. The therapy also helps to accelerate healing. I’m currently in a boot now. The downtime, she told me would be approximately 3 to 4 weeks. So, I’m optimistic. The surgery was a success. The staff was friendly. They were very professional, very nice. They had all my insurance paperwork filled out right after the day after the surgery. And, I’m just optimistic that I’m going to be back running in no time and walking and just living life.

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